When Michelle contacted me to shoot her wedding, she made me feel like I was the best things since sliced bread. Even on the wedding day her whole family was going on and on about the “fantastic wedding photographer” she managed to hire. I mean, whoa no pressure, right?? Luckily she and her handsome groom, Werner make such a pretty pair that it didn’t take much effort from my side to make them look good.

Michelle had quite a few major hiccups on the morning of the wedding, but she didn’t let it spoil her big day at all. In fact, she took it in her stride. Once you had a baby, you tend to not sweat the small stuff. Their very cute little son, Ashley made the day even more special and even though he was initially very camera shy, he warmed up to be eventually for a few great captures.

They had their wedding at a venue named Lala Manzi in Vanderbijlpark.

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer and having Juan and myself there to witness your beautiful union. We wish you all the happiness and love you can handle.

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Those eyes! Michelle, you are gorgeous.

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