About Durban Wedding Photographer

I am a wedding photographer from Durban, South Africa. This page could be all about my love for photography and how I came about being a professional photographer. But I prefer to rather tell you bit about myself and the life I lead.

I live with my husband, Derek and my two children, Feldon and Lynelle and Derek’s daughter, Kathryn in Durban North. Michael is Derek’s son living and studying in Cape Town, hoping to become a film producer in a few years. Derek is my greatest supporter. If not for him, I would never have taken up photography. He is my rock, keeping my feet on the ground when the artist in me gets carried away.

I am addicted to my work and telling stories through images is what I am passionate about. I love a good red wine with gourmet food and I love a good red wine with a good South African braai. I never exercise enough and eat too much. I don’t get enough sleep and I get short tempered when I have to repeat everything 3 times before my kids listen. Yes, a normal working mom with all the challenges that comes with it. A week or two of rest in the Cape usually de-stress me and we try to do this at least twice a year. The Cape is our second home so if you are from Cape Town don’t hesitate to contact me for your wedding.

Photography makes me happy. I love the fact that I can capture beautiful moments close to people’s hearts, that I bring out the bright side of life and best of all, that I can call this my job!

I am a rebel, I always question and never follow the rules – most of my friends and family think I am a little crazy. But I am also a bit shy and I hate being in front of the camera. With my camera in hand, I take on a different persona and my creative and fearless side inspires me to capture memories that make people cry, smile and remember.