Being a wedding photographer is a wonderful job and one I am thankful for everyday. But it is also true that you sacrifice a lot in terms of family time because you are always working on weekends. That is why Sundays are very special to me, it is the one day when I try to spend as much time as possible with family. Since moving to Durban it is of course not difficult to find something to do on a Sunday afternoon, the beach is always there.

Yesterday we went to Umdloti just before sunset and I decided to take the camera along since I never get time for photos with my family, you know how it goes! In my defense, these lot are not easy to photograph! Especially my son, Feldon – boy oh boy is he camera shy. It took me forever to get a few good shots of him and I had to plead and bribe and though he should be used to modeling for his trigger-happy photographer mom by now, he still came screaming and kicking! Though they weren’t really dressed for the occasion and Derek haven’t had a shave in 2 days (it’s a long weekend after all!), I got some lovely shots in the end and I’m sure you will agree that family photos every few years are a good investment even though there are always some members in a family who would argue differently.

Family photographers Durban

With their step dad, Derek who is taking the unshaven, long weekend-look to the extreme!

Durban Family photographers

Family photos Durban

Durban Family photographer

My lovely children, love you more than anything in the world!

Durban family photographer