Deidré and Allan’s wedding at Buitengeluk was the last of 2011 and ended the year on a high note. Deidré got dressed at her parent’s house with her two sisters assisting in the getting-ready rituals. It is evident that Deidré’s dad is very proud of his three beautiful daughters and the love shared among this family is heartwarming.

Their love story begin at university where they both studied law. Among some other startling similarities in their past, they discovered that their dads studied together years back and were actually quite good friends. So the friends got reunited and Allan basically had it easy from there getting into Deidre’s dad’s good books!

Deidré arrived at church in a gorgeous old Ford vintage car. On their way from the church to the reception they had everyone staring at them as they whisked by in this classy old lady.

Allan and Deidré, you are amazing. Times seven. To the tenth power. Thank you SO much for sharing your beautiful day with us. May your days be filled with all the things that will keep you together for a lifetime! God bless.

Deidre’s Dad seeing her in her dress for the first time:

Deidré, you are gorgeous, girl!

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This is my favorite of Deidré:

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