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Since storybook albums are such an important element of what I offer my clients, I have decided to post a short write-up about the company I will be using in 2011 to print the albums that will tell the story of your most beautiful day. Terrilee Buckley is the owner of Capture SA and although she is wonderfully friendly it is also evident upon meeting her, that she takes her business very seriously but that professionalism and customer service are as important as the final product.


Prior to the inception of Capture, Terrilee spent several months researching the Photobook market in South Africa and on completion of that exercise, she very quickly realised that there was a clear  and present opportunity for a new entrant in the Photobook arena. This new entrant would need to focus heavily on customer service and product quality if it wanted to succeed and be taken seriously. It is on those two principles that Capture was born and four and a half years later, they are still going strong.

Capture now creates custom made Storybook albums for any and all occasions. They specialise in the custom design and manufacture of the latest in digital album creation.


Capture is a small, but enthusiastic organisation that does not compromise on quality. They ensure that each album and customer is treated with the individualism that they deserve. The durability, presentation and final appearance of their storybook albums is testament to the fact that their end product is the result of passion and not a job.


The typical Storybook manufacture process comprises of three steps, Design, Printing and Binding. All of these functions are offered by Capture, however not all of them have to been done exclusively by Capture. A customer may choose to do their own design and only utilise Capture for printing and binding.
Step 1. A conversation with the customer takes place an d it is during this step  that the customer will tell Capture what they require in terms of design as well as what their choice of album cover will be.
Step 2. Customers  and photographers would then provide Capture with their photo’s on a disc. [There is currently development underway on an FTP site whereby photos can be uploaded to the Capture server]
Step 3. Capture will design the album exactly the way their customers requested.
Step 4. The design is sent back to the customers for their approval.
Step 5. Once the design has been approved the file is sent for print. Pages are printed on Illford Pearl photographic paper by an Epson 9800.
Step 5. Capture begins the manufacturing process which includes the album being bound and pressed.

The final product is then handed over to their customers in a complimentary black box.

Thank you Terrilee, for sharing your passion of bookmaking with us. I hope that your business will go from strength to strength in 2011.

Terrilee can be contacted at 083 384 5266.

Photos supplied by Capture Albums

  1. Kat Forsyth says:

    Great write-up, Hannelie! I’m probably making the switch too 🙂

  2. Gena D says:

    thanks for the heads up Hannelie! Always good to have options!

  3. Caylee says:

    Wow I love these. SO glad I saw this… Will definitely switch!!