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When I first met Geraldine and Guillaume I knew we were going to be a perfect match. Apart from being Afrikaans like myself, they too have relocated here from Johannesburg a few years ago. They are such a cute couple, so at ease with each other and making each other laugh all the time. And they are passionate about photos, so all and all my favourite kind of client.

We did their engagement shoot last year, and from the onset I could see that these two would be very easy to photograph. Love translates well into images, it is something that is evident the moment you put your eye to your camera’s viewfinder. I was very privileged to have been chosen to narrate their beautiful day. Guillaume is one of 4 brothers and Geraldine one of four sisters! How sweet is that? It was evident that family played a huge role in both their lives and that their parents raised them to be the strong adults that they are.

The team at Collisheen Estate did a splendid job at lending a relaxed, vintage feel to the wedding. Thank you for having us – wishing many years of making each other happy!



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