Not many things beat a striking pair of red shoes! Heart!

Oh my word, Esther! You are gorgeous!

It happens far less than you might think – a beautiful sky is such a treat for a wedding photographer!

One of my favourites of the day.

The Princess and the frog! Thanks for doing this Esther – you totally rock!

Meet The Bridge’s famous donkey. He came running down the hill like an excited child when he spotted us. Esther’s bouquet seemed to be a tasty morsel.

The three sisters giving a heartwarming speech about why they love their little sister so much.

This little angel is one of Esther’s nieces. She was very upset over something but when she saw the lens pointing at her she stopped crying and gave me this cute expression.

Another niece. Too pretty for words!

The four sisters and their sister-in-law. Pretty pretty.

What can one say of this image. Between the five ladies poor Karel didn’t stand a chance, he did not dare protest.

I saved the best for last – love this image.