Friday – Proudly South Africa

Amidst a downright heartless and inhumane strike by public servants in South Africa this week, I refuse to lose hope for the positives in our country. A 1000 volunteers registered in less than 24 hours to help out at hospitals, donate baby blankets and clothes and getting patients to clinics that are not willing to be part of the strike. Hats off to everyone who want to make this country a better place even though wages may not be what we were hoping for. Millions of South Africans would trade places with those on strike. But let me not dwell on that now. I rather want to celebrate our entrepreneurial spirit.

We find them everywhere – street or Mall performers that are trying to earn a buck by providing some form of entertainment to passers by. You find this across the world, but I wonder if you find “tin men” anywhere else than right here in Africa. One has to admire the time it has to take to get yourself covered from head to toe in silver paint with not a patch of other colour shown except for your mouth and the black of your eyes. My kids are totally fascinated by these guys – ok, Lynelle is normally slightly freaked out but still fascinated. They stand motionless until someone passes by close or shows interest. A sudden jerk or movement delights the crowd watching them in slight disbelief that anyone would put themselves through this day after day. And one has to celebrate this, don’t you think? This is not begging for money or standing on a busy road disrupting traffic – in my opinion, this is an art form and I love to watch and photograph. Kudo’s to everyone that are thinking outside the box and trying to get by, by doing something that puts a smile on somebody’s face

I photographed this street performer at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town.

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