Going live!

The day has arrived! I’m launching my brand new website! I am super excited about the new functionality and hope you find it easy to navigate. Thank you ever so much to the team at The Forge for all the hard work they put into the design and especially to Christopher Mills who was super patient with me throughout the whole process, listening and tweaking till it was just right.

The new site is designed to be more search engine friendly and I urge you to share photos by clicking on the share buttons like facebook and twitter to help me utilise those capabilities to its fullest.

It is still going to take me a couple of days to upload some of the older shoots onto the new site, so if you don’t see your recent photos there, don’t worry, I’m working on it.


  1. Hi Hannelie,

    It has been an absolute pleasure! We hope that the website brings you lots of well deserved business over the months to come.

    I look very forward to seeing all the new photoshoots you do as well.

    Best of luck!