I want to urge all couple who are serious about investing in their wedding photography to read this article on the Off Beat Bride website and make an informed decision on who and what you are going to allow to be recorded  on your most special day. I can go on an on about how much this article resonates with me out of personal experience but I will leave this for another day. Please go read the full article and come back here to comment on your own experiences and your thoughts on the matter of digital overload. Click on the article to read the rest:

  1. Paul Pearce says:

    This is so true Hannalee
    Life has become a digital junk yard. Look at our hard drives. In the old days we use to keep our CV on a stiffy disk. Now we click away at utter rubbish because we tell our tiny mind we can always dump what we don’t want. Everyone wants the latest camera as it will allow the user to become that much more lazy. Think before you click and make it count. I bet 80% of photos taken by the public is rubbish that will not make the keepers folder. So I agree as a photographer, the guest does not have the right to jump out of line to maybe get a shot that would not have made the 20% folder, just to stuff up the perfectly framed shot that the wedding couple would have loved. Social networking has turned people away from real life into a LCD filled silicon life with like buttons. Crash there goes my soap box!!!