Netherwood is one of my all time favourite wedding venues in KZN. Not that I have been in Natal that long or even been to all of the beautiful venues, but there is something about Netherwood that is magical. It is a place of mystical beauty, one would be forgiven for expecting a unicorn or a dragon making their appearance among the misty hills. Kayly and Richard’s wedding day was no different. There was a thick mist when we arrived that didn’t lift all day. It created the most romantic scene for this beautiful couple that are very obviously head over heels in love with each other. Their wedding day wasn’t without its challenges – can you imagine load shedding just as Kayly’s hair needed to be done! But she took it in her stride and arrived at the chapel, totally relaxed and looking like a vision. It was rather chilly outside when we did the couple shoot (OK, it was freezing!) but fires were burning inside the reception hall and the company was warm, the atmosphere festive and it was clear to me that this couple was adored by friends and family!

Kayly and Richard, thank you for having me there to capture your most beautiful day of love and romance. I wish you many years of making each other happy!

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