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All weddings are different, because all couples are different. We all have an idea in our minds of how we want the day to flow and how the timeline will unfold. As your photographer I can only advise and tell you what I think is best to create the shots you will love. I can encourage you to follow this advice but at the end of the day it will be up to you to make it happen. One such piece of advice I like to give is with regard to walking away from your guests straight after the ceremony, straight after you have signed the register and everyone is waiting for you outside the chapel or at the end of the aisle if you had an outdoor wedding. After the first couple of guests have blessed you with handfuls of whatever you chose for them to toss you with, pause and have a kiss. AND THEN KEEP WALKING. Some couples think it rude to do that but let’s be honest – your wedding day is about the two of you and you will have plenty of time during the reception to spend with your guests.

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Steal away for 10 minutes and just soak up the wonder of being Mr and Mrs, take a moment to appreciate what you have just committed to. Let your photographer follow you but at a distance (shooting with a long lens). Try to forget that the photographer is even there and just relax. I want to see the raw emotions and joy of a couple in the first few minutes after their nuptials. The images I capture here are some of the most moving and emotional of the day and I feel very privileged to be given permission to play paparazzi for a short while before I start directing and talking to you.

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I urge couples to give some thought to doing things this way because not only will it provide you with probably the only opportunity to be alone together until the day is over, but it will also provide you with beautiful, romantic images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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  1. Marlene Black says:

    You have a very special talent – your images are lovely. I can see why you’re so busy!!

  2. I always tell my couples to spend at least 10 minutes just connecting after the couple shoot – to be able to look at your new spouse and soak it all up. I agree Just Keep Walking