“Traces of you
linger like a tear drop
My heart sings for you
Play me like a rain cloud
Sounds upon the air” – Norah Jones

Leshen and Tharisha had a lavish Autumn wedding with delightful weather. Tharisha’s dress had the most intricate detail imaginable and it was clear that Leshen was crazy for her. Their “first look” before their wedding ceremony was so romantic – I absolutely loved the expression on Leshen’s face as he turned around after his bride-to-be walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. Pure elation, if ever I saw it.

Leshen and Tharisha have a beautiful and loving family. Though Leshen’s parents passed on when he was only 12, he was lovingly raised, along with his sister, by his devoted grandparents. They have done such a good job with this young man. It was clear that family values play a huge role in both of their lives and it will be no different in their marriage.

Thank you for affording me the opportunity to be your photographer and to capture your beautiful love story through my lens!


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