When I shoot a beautiful wedding at Morrells wedding venue, it is automatic that a beautiful French song like Le Ciel Dans Une Chambre (The Gates of Heaven) by Carla Bruni enters my head. Morrells really is a little piece of heaven in the heart of Johannesburg and since french is universally known as the most romantic language, it was only apt that Ken and Jo-Anna sealed their precious love beyond these gates of heaven.

When I arrived at Morrells, I made a bit of a blunder when I didn’t recognize Ken as the groom. He looked so calm, strolling around in a relaxed manner, I thought he was the coordinator! Sorry Ken!

This delightful couple has been together for almost 16 years (Ken, what took you so long??) They are best friends, lovers and dedicated parents. Jo’s two daughters were her bridesmaids and it is clear that Jo and Ken did an excellent job at raising these two beautiful young adults.

Thank you for having me as your photographer. Wishing you many more years of making each other happy!

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Morrells wedding venue

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“Mommy, you look so beautiful! Give me a kiss”

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Morrells chapel

Morrells wedding venue Gauteng

What a pretty picture – Jo and her two beautiful daughters.

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Jo, having fun with the girls.

Morrells wedding venue

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