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Melissa and Mark are people people. They are just easy to be around. Melissa is a bubbly person who forever has a smile on her beautiful face. Mark strikes me as the serious one in the relationship, but with a mischievous side that almost catches you by surprise. They met 8 years ago at the Mark’s sister’s wedding and from what I can gather, it took a bit of wooing from Mark’s side and chasing after her to Paris to get her to eventually succumb to his charms.

Their wedding was a unique affair with a few unexpected surprises, like Melissa and her bridesmaids opting to forego the traditional wedding march and rather come jiving down the aisle to one of the latests pop hits. It definitely was fresh and fun and had all the guests smiling from ear to ear.

Netherwood is an amazing venue that I truly love working at. Mandy and staff was superb as always and the food and service deserves only the highest praise. (I have to tell you, the cheesecake is the most divine I have ever tasted). Though the midlands is notorious for unpredictable weather, we had the most amazing day all round. Thank you Melissa and Mark for being a blast to work with but also for being such gracious hosts – it was evident that your family and friends enjoyed celebrating every moment of your glorious day.

Enjoy your honeymoon in the Seychelles!


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