Jess and Shaun and their family are some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. It was such an honour to be the wedding photographer for this delightful couple that love each other dearly and have the support of a beautiful family that surrounds them with love and compassion. It was a very wet and misty day at Netherwood in the Natal Midlands, and cold! Since it was this Gauteng born and bred girl’s first time at Netherwood (or the Midlands for that matter), I was not prepared for how much colder it was there compared to Durban! I’ll know for next time, that’s for sure. But I have to say this – Netherwood is probably the most beautiful venue I have ever shot a wedding at (and I have worked at many beautiful places). I am truly excited to see more of it in the 2013/2014 wedding season.

This was an amazing wedding from start to finish. Jess is such a radiant bride, she is like a ray of sunlight on a dreary day. And that is probably why she didn’t let the wet and misty conditions spoil her big day. She was gung ho about her wedding photos – no amount of mud or rain was going to keep her from getting the wedding photos that she wanted. Thanks Jess and Shaun for being such good sports! I had an awesome time being part of your beautiful day. I am so honoured to have been chosen as your wedding photographer – thank you for making myself and Derek feel so at home with you and your family. Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon! xxx

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Shaun is such a funny guy, we all cracked up laughing when he randomly decided to start chasing this poor chicken, much to the delight of his bride!

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