New Beginnings

Today I had an early birthday party for my son which basically was also a farewell party with all his mates. I also invited my very good friend, Lida to spend the afternoon with me while the kids were having a ball in the pool. As I was sitting there chatting to Lida, I felt a bit sad that the friendships we have developed with so many people are coming to an end. Lida would smack me if she heard me saying this, because of course we will still remain friends and chat over skype each day and surely see each other a few times each year. But for the children it will be different. Their friendships are, to a large extent, coming to an end. I still vividly remember some of my primary school friends who I never saw again after we moved to a new city when I was 11 years old.

But so is life. In a few weeks I will be a Durban wedding photographer. Durban will become our new home and I will be living in a new province for the first time in my life. Though I have mixed feelings and maybe even slight trepidation over the move, I am also excited to start the new chapter in our lives. I hope that my children will find good friends again, friends that will influence their lives positively and with any luck become friends for life. I wish the same for myself. That at least a handful of people who will cross our path in Durban will become good friends.

My stepdaughter, Kathryn, is coming to stay with us now that we are moving to Durban. She finished her final matric exams yesterday. Though her future plans are still a bit unsure, I am hoping I can develop her love for photography and get her to assist me on some projects. I am also hoping she will help me with the styling of the glamour shoots I am planning to shoot a lot more of in 2013. A lot of changes for everyone ahead!(Read Kathryn’s delightful little blog here:

To everyone in Durban that are already reading this blog – I am looking forward to join you in your beautiful city soon and with any luck we will meet in one way or another. Durban, here we come!

Photo by Kathryn Elliott, (Durban at night, taken on her first night as a non-schoolgirl ;))

  1. So very exciting 🙂 and awesome if you can convince Kathryn to assist you!
    Good luck with all the change

  2. Deepti says:

    Good Luck, will met up when I am that side, but will still chat on FB ;D

  3. Stella says:

    Good luck on this new venture! I am sure it will bring you lots of happiness xx