I am over the moon to be announcing my latest project: A modern guide for posing couples!

As a wedding photographer I can testify to the fact that inspiration does not always come naturally all the time. This posing guide provides wedding photographers with 63 beautiful poses by some of South Africa’s best loved photographers. The guide can be printed and kept in your camera bag as an easy reference guide or it can be uploaded to your phone for easy to reach inspiration.

I want to use this opportunity to thank my friends and fellow-photographers for being willing to be part of this very unique posing guide (a first for South Africa) by providing me with some exquisite imagery. However beautiful and romantic these images are, the guide is simple to follow and enables photographers to replicate these wonderful poses through a short description that demystifies the art of posing.

Featured photographers are:
Stella Sassen
Hannes Uys
Stella Uys
Jani B
Lauren Kriedemann
Shanna Jones
Tasha Secombe
Kat Forsyth
Melanie Wessels
Carmen Visser
Quintin Mills
Wesley Vorster
Natasha du Preez
Nastassja Harvey
Nikki Meyer
Cheryl McEwan

This stunning posing guide is for sale my website for photographers: www.photographermojo.com.  Hop over there and get yours now!

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  1. Johann van Rensburg says:

    I must congratulate you – haven’t seen the guide yet, but definitely a first in SA!! What amazes me the most is that you did manage to do it with the collaboration and contribution of other photographers – ussually others keeping their secrets for themselves, etc. So, very well done from me!