Shooting the groom (how to get your man to take the shoot seriously)

Durban wedding photographers

I’m not going to lie to you – it happens. Your subject does not want to be photographed. It is normally the groom, some guys are just too cool for this sh*t. Now, one could easily argue that having to photograph someone who is just not into it, is not the photographer’s problem. (After all, who pays a photographer R15 000+ and then have “Please, let this end” written all over his face?). But I’m in the business of making beautiful memories and I will risk making a fool of myself to get you to look like rock stars!

Now I’m going to tell you another little secret: I HATE having my photo taken. Yup,  I’m sorry but it is true. I’m working on it, I promise, because lately I’ve realised that my children are going to wonder who I was and where I’ve been all these years when they don’t see me in their albums or on our walls.

So, Guys, I get it. I really do. And as a hopeless romantic who wants to give you the best possible memories of your wedding day, I vow to go to the ends of the earth to make you look like you wanted to be there and you were caught in a moment of ecstasy.

Some of the things a bride can do to make it enjoyable for her man:

Your photos are going to be the testimony of how much you enjoyed getting married to each other and how much those first moments of being Mr. and Mrs. meant to you as a couple. It is serious business, don’t be fooled. You will never have that hour again. Make the most of it and I will take care of the rest.

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