The photogenic one

I should have known that Lynelle would not be happy with me posting a photo of only┬áher brother on my blog. So yesterday it was her turn for a portrait session – and yes, a SESSION it was. The difference between my two children always amazes me – or maybe it is a boy, girl thing. But Lynelle just loves the camera. And the camera loves her. Honestly, I don’t know where she gets this from, I certainly haven’t shown her, but whenever I take shots of her, she turns into a little model – flipping the hair, tilting the head and pouting at my lens. It is actually difficult to get a candid, natural shot of her because she loves being an actress so much.

I remember always thinking that I would want my daughter to be a Tom-boy and not a girly girl. But alas, Lynelle is a little princess of note. She was only 3 and a half when she started being selective about the shoes she wear! And every evening a lot of planning goes into the style I will be instructed to comb her hair in for school the next day. These photos are testimony to the old nursery poem:

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice and all things nice.

That’s what little girls are made of.

Look at this sad face! She could ask for anything using this expression:

  1. alet says:

    Hannalee, PRAGTIG!!!!!!!! Jy het sooooooo pragtige dogter

  2. Hannalee says:

    Dankie Alet, jy ook! Hehe.

  3. Awesome! ­čÖé You gotta love little girls especially when they respond to the camera like this. Nicely done.