There was no sign of Spring on an icy cold day in September when Zibungile and Mandla said their vows at The Secret Garden, just outside Pietermaritzburg. So cold it was, that I struggled to find the shutter with my frozen index finger. You can therefore imagine how I adored Zibu, in her gorgeous wedding dress, braving the elements for the sake of epic wedding photos. I loved shooting every second of this fun-loving couple’s wedding. But not being able to understand any of the language that was spoken and missing out on all the wonderful humor (there was laughter and singing in abundance), I felt a sense of shame for living in Africa but not being able to speak nor understand a black African language. I vow to change that – if I could teach myself to be a photographer, I can certainly teach myself to speak Zulu. And so I will!

Mandla and Zibu, you guys were absolute rockstars. You have a positive influence on everyone around you and I’m honored to have documented your lives!

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