What are the top three things a couple needs to look out for when hiring a wedding photographer?

What are the top three things a couple needs to look out for when hiring a wedding photographer? I guess there are just as many answers as there are wedding photographers, but my top criteria would be: experience, vision and personality.
Just because everyone owns a digital camera nowadays and can take pretty darn good photos with it too, DOES NOT mean anyone can be a wedding photographer. Just as a great typewriter does not make a great author, a good camera won’t automatically create the wedding images you see on the blogs of the world’s most successful and famous photographers. It is only through experience that you will know what to do when conditions are less than perfect. An experienced photographer knows exactly what poses are flattering to some brides and not to others.

If you are a bride looking for a photographer, you probably frequent many of our blogs and you know that all photographers are not created equal. It is not difficult to see which are the photographers with vision, the storytellers and the dare devils. Vision is what makes some images fill you with sheer emotion, whereas a lack of vision can leave you cold when you look at an image. A professional photographer usually have a hefty dose of creative flair for capturing the smallest, most intimate details of your big day in a beautiful way.


Apart from your new spouse, your photographer is the one person you are going to spend more time with than anyone else at your wedding. It is therefore important that your photographer has a pleasant demeanor and is easy to like. It must be someone who you would invite to your wedding even if they were not taking the pictures. You must be at ease with this person and trust in her ability to get the shots you dream of. A grumpy person, barking commands at you, is not what you need on your special day.

Disappointment in your wedding photos is something no one wants to experience. Unfortunately regret in this instance will be too late and you might never want to share your memories with your family or friends. The question you need to ask of your self is simply: How important is photography to me?

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